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Brunvoll Azimuth Thruster Manual Best Version Brunvoll Azimuth Thruster Manual - download. Providing publishers with the highest quality, most reliable and cost effective editorial and composition services for 50 years. Azimuth Thruster: Rolls Royce USE 801, 750 kW, FPP, L-drive, (OEM Overhauled in ), BV Class certificate E-motor: Marelli C3M 400 LY4 (all new), 3 phase, 5 pole, IM V1 position, IP 23 protection, Stand still heating, PTC Connectors (1x per phase), isolated end bearing, insulation class F, coating RAL 5010, Pintsch Bubenzer Shaft brake. Azimuth thrusters will carry the Ulstein Aquamaster name, and have ratings from 330 to 5,500. Marine Enterprise. Para os azimutais retrteis, ou seja, o bow thrusters (de vante) e o stern thrusters ( de r), foi selecionado o propulsor Ulstein Aquamaster swing-up azimuth thruster, tipo TCNS73/50-180, mostrado abaixo (Figura 3): Figura 3a Azimutal retrtil.

us costguard oil pollution manual 23. The design is s hown in fi g 6. View & download of more than 15 Aquamaster PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. ulstein aquamaster azimuth thruster ***user manual. Both owners have over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. Ulstein Aquamaster. Propulsion: 2x Ulstein-Aquamaster Azimuth Thruster AZP100/M-280–2,200 kW Side Thrusters: 2x Kamewa Ulstein TT2200 SS DPN CP Tunnel Thruster – 1,050kW Azimuth Thruster: 1 x Ulstein-Aquamaster Azimuth Thruster type UL 1201 – 883 kW Offshore Crane: 25T AHC Knuckleboom Offshore Crane, 1,000m bsu of Water Depth. New Generation Workwheels® are supplied for the workboat market.

The range comprises standard azimuth thruster units with input powers fromkW to deliver a bollard pull ranging from 11 to over 170 tonnes. Metric Marine & Industrial was established in 1988 by owners Frank A. Se debería navegar más.

Azimuth thrusters are available in Z-drive configuration with direct diesel engine drive or in L-drive configuration for electric or hydraulic drive from overhead. 1 x Caterpillar and Stamford Generator supplying /440 V AC. 7t, 1 x 10m-3t, ABAS. Designs have been developed for propulsion and dynamic positioning in response to market requirements.

UT-Design (vessel design). The propeller rotates 360 degrees around the vertical axis so that the thruster can perform both the propulsion and steering duties for a vessel, or positioning for a semi. • Thrusters: 6 x 4. Azimuth 1 x AquamasterThruster Aquamaster UL 501/3500, driven by Caterpillar3412, 600 kW. Max Torque : 28,476 Nm Max RPM : 0-150 rpm Max Power : 400 HP at Swivel Max Mud Pressure : 520 bar Additional Features : Integrated IBOP, pipe clamp : 105 mm through bore Cement System Cement Pumps : (2) Haliburton HT400 500 BHP @ 1,500 psi Well Control 13 5/8 BOP : (3) Shaffer Ram @ 5,0. 13) (Fixing Centres) 32 (1.

Rolls-Royce is one of the worlds leading suppliers of azimuth thrusters. Azimuth Thrusters Water Jets Tunnel Thrusters Propulsion Out Drive Units Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems Thrustmaster Corporate Brochure Headquarters Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. Service manual Aquapilot Control System ULSTEIN AQUAMASTER – AZIMUTH THRUSTERS. User Manual SDP95123 Distributors in the United States and Canada provide a standard Limited Warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase for new products. The UL models are designed for horizontal drive with automatic drive shaft disconnection system. These give ships better maneuverability than a fixed propeller and rudder system.

6900 Thrustmaster Drive Houston, Texas 77041 USA ; PhoneFax. AQM US 255 CP Instrucciones de funcionamiento MMB Sistema de separación ALFA LAVAL MARINE AND POWER. : 11S000001 Unit no. CP Propeller - MAN Energy Solutions Marine suppliers of KaMeWa in Netherlands. The thruster is also approved as propulsion machinery Aux. Ulstein Maritime Ltd. Also for: Ams900, Ams950, Amp5000, Amp5100, Amp5500.

becker rudder dwgs&part list 20. Milano, 03 Giugno. TOP DRIVE - WELL SERVICES. 1 x Ulstein stern Thruster 650 BHP Driven by Caterpillar 3508. State-of-the-art technology combined with the latest. Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thruster User Manual Page 1 of 99 USER MANUAL Rolls-Royce Azipull Thruster AZP 100 CP Mechanical and Hydraulic system Yard and hull no. Figura 2c Tunnel thrusters.

Figura 2a Tunnel thrusters. com now is brunvoll azimuth thruster manual below. An azimuth thruster is a configuration of marine propellers placed in pods that can be rotated to any horizontal angle (azimuth), making a rudder unnecessary.

Havila is set to retrofit its supply vessel Havila Tampen with a pair of Ulstein Aquamaster Azipull azimuth thrusters for main propulsion, replacing conventional azimuth thrusters. The system consists of several different devices: azimuth thrusters, steering and control unit levers and shaft lines. ulstein aquamaster azimuth thrusters bsu manual : STX Langsten 749 ERP no. Ulstein Aquamaster azimuthing thrusters. BIBLIOGRAFÍA Manual de instrucciones y mantenimiento. 2 MECHANICAL INSTALLATION 2. We&39;re the first choice for publishers&39; online services. type: tcns 92/.

: RRM_05 Date : 15 juli Contract manager for this project: Ivar Otto Kristiansen ivar. 72) (Fixing Centres) 232 (9. The basic idea behind an azimuth thruster is that the propeller can be rotated 360 degrees around the vertical axis, providing omni-directional thrust. or associated companies. If you&39;re not located in the United States or Canada, please contact your local distributor for warranty arrangements in your territory. Tunnel thrusters will be sold under the Kamewa Ulstein name, and will cover powers from 200 to 3,700 kW.

CONCLUSIONES Flexibilidad de horarios. - Main Propulsion : 2 x 2200 kW, Rolls Royce Aquamaster Azimuth Thruster. Modular design allows the configuration, mounting type and size to be closely matched to user requirements. Figura 2b Tunnel thrusters. An Azimuth thruster is a configuration of ship propellers placed in pods that can be rotated in any horizontal direction, making a rudder unnecessary. stcw 95 2nd edition 24. Azimuth thruster (FWD) 1 x Ulstein Aquamaster TCNS 92/ 62-220, 1,500 kW, Swing Up, CPP Bow thruster 2 x 1,000 kW, Kamewa TT 2200 DPN CP Azimuth thruster (AFT) 1 x Ulstein Aquamaster TCNS 92/ 62-220, 1,500 kW, Swing Up, CPP Stern thruster 1 x 1,000 kW, Kamewa TT 2200 DPN CP Fire fighting TOWINGFIFI CLASS (1) with water spray). sample smpep manuel 25.

Development of Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thrusters - POLI. ulstein aquamaster azimuth thrusters bsu manual AMS700 water filtration systems pdf manual download. Specialist literature available. Centro de mantenimiento. 26) 3 Fixing Holes, 6.

6 MW Rolls Royce Ulstein Aquamaster UUC 405 Azimuth Drilling Equipment • Derrick: Aker Kvaerner Maritime Hydraulics (AKMH) Pyramid Dynamic Derrick • Drawworks: AKMH Wirth GH 4500-EG-AC-K electric motor driven 4500 hp, 1016 mt capacity with 14 lines • Rotary Table: AKMH Wirth RTSS 60½". Bourne and Claus Espe. sample ship structure access manual 26.

The US type is available with FP/CP propeller, open or ducted. In an azimuth thruster the propeller rotates 360° around the vertical axis so the unit provides propulsion, steering and positioning thrust for superior manoeuvrability. Marine thruster manufacturer, sales, and parts including: Schottel Azimuth Thrusters, Harbormaster Marine thruster parts, Murray & Tregurtha M & T Marine Drives, Capital Gear Transmissions, Ulstein Transmissions, Z-drives, external bow thrusters and side bow thrusters, marine propulsion systems including hydraulic marine propulsion equipment. is often used as a generic label for all azimuth thrusters.

View and Download AquaMaster AMS700 owner&39;s manual and installation manual online. - Tunnel Thruster : 2 x 883 kW, Rolls Royce, TT2200 III FP - Retractable Thruster: 1 x 883 kW, Rolls Royce UL 1201 - Frequency Drives : ACS600 MultiDrive, ABB - Automation System : ABB Advant - Deck Cranes : x 15m-1t/10m-2. Like the Skandi Marstein, the Olympic Shipping vessel will be fitted with twin Contaz azimuth thrusters, a recently developed concept based on a new type of contra-rotating azimuth thruster. man vbs cpp system documents. As a result there is a design available to suit virtually any application. Combined with a retractable Aquamaster UL 1201 and a Kamewa 2200 tunnel thruster, the package provides a high level of manueverability. units, omnidirectional thrusters, although the brand name of a manufacturer like Shot-tel, Ulstein Rolls-Royce, Steerprop, Niigata, Duckpeller etc. Propulsion systems • Reduction gears • Oil distribution box • Azimuth Thrusters • High Speed Thrusters • Tunnel thrusters • Remote Control Systems Ulstein Automation AS, - electronic Norway.

sample ship access manuel 27. lips fixed propeller manual 19. The range comprises standard azimuth thruster units with input powers fromkW to deliver a bollard pull ranging from 11 to over 170 tonnes.

IBERCISA Operating, service and maintenance ulstein aquamaster azimuth thrusters bsu manual manual of BERGEN C25:33-L8P Service manual Aquapilot Control System ULSTEIN AQUAMASTER – AZIMUTH THRUSTERS. Please visit www. This Manual is intended to provide guidance for Deck Officers into the effective use of maneuvering controls and systems onboard. sample voc manual. AquaMasterø6. 5 (1/4) Diameter Allowance for cable bends– standard– armoured Metal AquaMaster Transmitter Plastic AquaMaster Transmitter. Passive Seabed Frame Type : Fugro Engineers B.

Kamewa Ulstein Super Silent Tunnel Thrusters - YouTube 7 Mechanical Design Hub design The hydraulic servo motor for pitch set-ting is an integral part of the propeller hub. Kamewa Ulstein™ Ulstein Aquamaster™ Bird-Johnson™ * *Fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers in the Bird-Johnson range are designed and manufactured to US Navy MIL standards. Rauma - (Azimuth thrusters) Ulsteinvik ulstein aquamaster azimuth thrusters bsu manual - (Propellers & thrusters) EuropeA 8 7 D 10 F H ITK M L 31 N G I E 9 Key: Indicates Services workshops Services locations Training centres 17 5 JC 3 B 18 14 4. Water filtration systems user manuals, operating guides & specifications. Development of Rolls-Royce Azimuth.

The retractable range uses components from the Rolls-Royce standard azimuth thruster range and provides fast hydraulic lifting and lowering of the unit, enabling it to retract into the hull when not in use, reducing the vessel’s drag. engines 1 x Volvo TMD 120 Stamford Generator supplying 140 KVA. , • Z-drives Canada Ulstein Propeller AS,Norway • C. The information contained in this manual, although in a common format, is specific to this vessel and should form part of the induction process of Deck Officers new or unfamiliar with the vessels characteristics. Examples of repaired azimuth thrusters in reference to vessels: Rene Descartes (compleate overhaul of Aquamaster UL ) Tytan (compleate overhaul of Aquamaster US two units).

Ulstein aquamaster azimuth thrusters bsu manual

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